The data logger

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Manufacturer: Ammonit


Order-No: Meteo-40S, M11000; Meteo-40M, M21000; Meteo-40L, M31000

Accessories: module M83510 for 5V sensor supply, module M83551 for RS485 sensors.

Applications: wind site assessment, wind farm monitoring, climate research, solar assessment and monitoring, agricultural and traffic meteorology

Up to 2 GB memory, recording 1 sec. original measurement data.

Additional storage of aggregate data (min. 3 years).

    Many channels:
  • Meteo-40S, 11 channels
  • Meteo-40M, 22 channels
  • Meteo-40L, 35 channels

High resolution (~16 bit, ~8 Hz), symmetric, differential analog channels with various input ranges to choose from (± 0.1 V, ± 1 V, ± 10 V).

High sensitivity analog input, e.g. temperature sensor Pt 100.

Digital channel for smart sensors, e.g. Thies TMR wind vane.

Data communication and exchange via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection and email.

1 USB port for PC connection; 2 USB ports for modem and adapter.

GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WiFi; 1 Ethernet port for LAN, router.

Data output: Ethernet, RS-485.

Compatibility with SCADA systems.

Integrated Linux system for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

User-friendly web interface for configuration and controlling (no additional software needed).

Low energy consumption (50 W solar panel).

Reliable, flexible and user-friendly.

Common information
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Operating manual
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Connection and data transfer
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SCADA systems
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Solar Assessment System
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Ammonit catalog 2010
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