The data logger

The Ammonit data logger Meteo-40 is available in three configurations: Meteo-40L (large) with 35 channels, Meteo-40M (medium) with 22 channels and Meteo-40S (small) with 11 channels. Meteo-40 offers up to 2 GB memory recording of complete 1 second original measurement data (for approximately 1 year with typical number of sensors), high resolution (16 bit and 8 Hz), analog channels with a choice of various input ranges to choose from, a digital channel for smart sensors, 1 Ethernet slot for LAN and router, 3 USB-slots for PC, modem and adapter connections (GSM/GPRS/CDMA/WiFi/memory stick/RS485).

Ammonit data loggers offer a wide range of possibilities and are the core of every wind measuring station. Our self-contained measuring systems are reliably powered by a 50 W solar panel. Storage in a CE-certified steel cabinet protects the data logger against weather and condensation damage as well as theft and vandalism. Several optional components may be included, such as a remote communication module, a barometric pressure sensor, a battery and surge protection. The data communication and exchange between your PC and the logger can be carried out via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection, email, satellite or direct interface.


Manufacturer: Ammonit
Order-No: Meteo-40S, M11000; Meteo-40M, M21000; Meteo-40L, M31000

Technical specification