Wind PGC LLC offers the investor fee-development services for wind farm construction projects.

This contract model for implementation of an investment project is "turnkey" and is based on the principle "cost plus fee". Our company, acting as a "fee-developer", bears full responsibility for the project to the Investor. Funding is provided by the Investor.

The services package "fee-development" includes the following scope of work:

  • Wind measurement services
  • Development of a business plan for the project
  • Proposals for the most profitable ways of using the land
  • Organization of project management
  • Development of project documentation and obtaining a positive opinion from Glavgosekspertiza
  • Obtaining of the necessary permits and approvals from the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Contracting with the supplier of wind turbines and all equipment and services suppliers
  • Technical supervision of construction and installation works
  • Technical control of commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Commissioning of the facility to the Investor

All stages of works are performed within approved by the investor project budge in permanent interaction of the "fee-development" and the investor on the project milestones.