Services list

Wind PGC Engineering provides full set of services for wind measurement, solar radiation and other climatic investigations.

Wind PGC Engineering is mainly specialized in preparation of pre-design documentation for Wind Farms and Solar power plants, such as the definition of wind or solar capacity from investigated sites, preparation of the conclusion about feasibility of Wind/Solar farm construction and micrositing.

Full set of wind engeering services include the following scope of work:

  • Organization and management of annual wind measurement campaign
  • Project design which include analyze investigated site, location and kind of metmast, set of meteosensors, location their on metmast, assemble scheme
  • Supply one or several metmasts with lighting rod, obstacle lights on the site. Quantity of Metmasts depends of topography and area under future wind farm
  • Manufacturing and erection foundations, Metmast assemble
  • Supply and assemble meteosensors on booms and power supply system. Setting and testing sensors
  • Organization twenty-four-hours security
  • Holding wind measurement, collecting row data, processing and providing monthly reports for Customer
  • Dismantling and removal of equipment
  • Re-calibration meteosensors accordance to Measnet
  • Preparing and providing final bankable report
  • FITNAH-3D-simulation of the average wind distribution
  • Calculation of energy yield for wind farm
  • Micrositing for each king of WTG for whole wind farm
  • Approval of the report by independent auditor

Wind measurement and preparing final bankable report are providing
together with Main Partner GEO-NET, who accredited by DAKKS.