Cup anemometers

Anemometers measure the horizontal wind speed (velocity). This parameter is crucial for any wind site assessment. Cup anemometers are the general standard type of anemometer. They are robust and resistant to turbulence and skew winds caused by masts and traverses. Each anemometer should be individually calibrated and equipped with a certified calibration report according to international standards (e.g. MEASNET). At least two anemometers have to be installed on a met mast. Most anemometers can be equipped with electronically regulated heating.

Thies Anemometer First Class Advanced

Manufacturer: Thies
Order-No: S11100/S11100H

Technical specification

Vector L100 First Class

Manufacturer: Vector Instrucments UK
Order-No: S14100/S14100H

Technical specification

Thies Anemometr Compact

Manufacturer: Thies
Order-No: S12100H

Technical specification

Windsensor (RISØ) P2546A

Manufacturer: WindSensor (Risø)
Order-No: S16100

Technical specification

Vaisala Anemometr WAA252

Manufacturer: Vaisala
Order-No: S15100H

Technical specification

Further available anemometers

Further anemometers are available on request. Please ask our sales team +7 (499) 517-91-86 or email