Wind PGC JSC commissioned an 80 meters height wind measurement unit

02 May 2013

dsc_6870.jpg dsc_6848.jpg

An 80 meter met mast was commissioned in the area of ​​the village Beregovoy, Temryuksky district, Krasnodar Krai within investment project "Beregovaya WPP 90 MW". High-accuracy German meteorological equipment manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers ThiesClima and Ammonit was used for the wind measurement campaign. All sensors and the data logger have certificates of verification in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61400-12-1. As the mast is located in a significant distance from energy source, the wind measurement unit is equipped with a stand-alone power supply system preVent, which consists of solar panels, wind turbines and battery charge controllers. Supply of equipment and installation works were performed by Wind PGC LLC. The wind measurement campaign concept and commissioning was carried out with direct participation of the leading German wind measurement company GEO-NET UmweltconsultingGmbH. Before commissioning all required permits from regulatory authorities were obtained.

Currently, all met equipment works properly; meteorological data are submitted to GEO-NET and Wind PGC LLC for data processing and monthly reports. Wind turbines already produce first eco-friendly kilowatt-hours at Beregovaya WPP site. The wind measurement unit is patrolled on the round the clock security basis.

Wind PGC LLC thanks all Russian and foreign companies which participated in the preparation of the wind measurement campaign for coherent and dedicated work!