JSC WIND PGC has realized successful start of two wind measurement masts in Stavropol region

07 August 2015

stavropol-measurement1.jpg stavropol-measurement2.jpg stavropol-measurement3.jpg stavropol-measurement4.jpg

Metmasts 90 m and 80 m has been assembled at Shpakovsky and Grachevsky areas of Stavropol region for future wind farm construction. For Wind measurement campaign used special accredited Metmasts, which was designed especial for high-quality wind measurement projects.

There are used high-quality first class wind measurement equipment, such as Thies, Ammonit. All sensors and data logger have calibration protocols with full accordance IEC 61400-12 and Measnet.

Due to Metmasts located too far form permanent energy supply, there are used independent power supply system, which was designed and assembled by WIND PGC’s specialists. This system consist of solar panels, wind generator and charge controllers.

Metmast supply, delivery sensors, equipment, civil and assemble works were done by LLC WIND PGC. Wind measurement campaign conception, confirmation of starting measurement, collecting and analyzing data and reports preparing realizing together with leader German Company GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH.