At the meeting of the Russian Government Energy Minister Alexander Novak delivered a speech

11 March 2013


At a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation Energy Minister Alexander Novak presented the draft of the state program "Energy efficiency and energy development".

As part of the report, Alexander Novak noted that an important focus of the program is modernization and development of power industry, including generation on the basis of renewable energy sources".

“The program provides for modernization and construction of new generating facilities and power facilities, construction of electrical power equipment testing facilities, measures aimed at increase of availability of energy infrastructure for consumers. By 2020 we want to achieve the following results: significant increase in the share of high-efficiency gas-fired generation on the basis of domestic advanced energy technologies; reduction of fuel consumption; and reduction of energy losses in electric networks by almost a quarter. The number of accidents in networks and generation will reduce by third, and the time required for connection to networks will reduce from today’s 281 days to 40, and this indicator will be achieved ahead the schedule, i.e. by 2015 it will total 45 days. There will also be a reduction in the number of connection stages: from 10 to 5.

Generation based on renewables will also contribute to achievement of these indicators. In Russia, we suppose, these technologies are also well justified, just like in places where they are now actively used. First, this is due to isolated energy systems of Siberia and the Far East, where it is possible to reduce the northern delivery of fuels and lubricants, and create an infrastructure for comprehensive development of these territories.

Introduction of renewables as part of the Unified Energy System also provides a transition to a new technological base in the industry with use of carbon-free technologies.

The reference point of the program is commissioning of generating renewable energy facilities with total capacity of 6.2 MW. This will allow to increase the share of generation from renewable energy sources in the energy mix from the current 0.8% to 2.5%, and, very importantly, it will create a new high-tech sector of the industry for production of renewable energy sources”.