Investment projects

Wind Power Plant Olya

Construction of a 24 MW wind farm
in Limanskiy district of the Astrakhan region


Reasons for WPP placement in the Limanskiy district of the Astrakhan region are:

  • Energy shortage in Astrakhan region
  • High wind potential
  • The land plot is not suitable for agricultural use
  • Prospects of growth in energy consumption in the area and sea port Olya

Location: the Olya village, Limanskiy district, Astrakhan region, SFD, Russian Federation



  • Better energy efficiency in the region due to the usage of renewable energy
  • Increase in power generation in Astrakhan region due to the usage of modern highly-efficient wind turbines
  • Reduction of adverse effect on the environment
  • Development of industrial and infrastructural potential of the area

Key project information

The main WPP buildings and facilities are: wind turbines, electric substation, control unit and road infrastructure.

WPP comprises 8 wind turbines 3 MW each. A wind turbine is a propeller-type structure. The main elements of a wind turbine are: a tower, a wind wheel, a brake system, a power generator and an anti-icing system. The tower height is 100 meters; the wind wheel diameter is 113 meters. All wind turbines are connected with step-up substation by cable lines; generated electricity is directed there. The step-up substation is connected with the unified energy system by power lines. The voltage class is determined after WPP capacity output scheme design.

The average annual output will total 66 m kWh/year. Annual CO2 emissions will reduce by 42,000 tons as compared to a similar output at thermal power plants. Annual reduction in fossil fuel will be 30 m Nm3 of gas or 18 tons of fuel oil. Lifetime of the wind farm will be 20 years. The staff number employed at the WPP will be 18 people.

The diameter of the land allotment under each wind turbine will not be wider than 30 meters. The land between wind turbines is free and can be used for grazing and other purposes.

The project envisages use of modern wind turbines, which meet all the latest international safety standards. Their design provides for safe operation during hurricane winds up to 60 m/s. Wind turbines do not have an adverse noise impact on the environment. The noise from the working wind turbines in 300 meters distance does not exceed 35 dB whilst an acceptable noise level for residential area is 55 dB in the daytime and 45 dB – at night.

WPP is designed in accordance with the rules and laws of the Russian Federation with approval of project documentation by Glavgosexpertiza.


Project implementation period:

March 2017 — March 2018: Wind monitoring

December 2019: COD