Investment projects

Investigation of the sites for WPP construction

Russian regions: Rostov, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Astrakhan


Investigation of the sites for WPP construction was done due to the following constraints (factors):

  • Sufficient wind potency for a wind farm construction on the basis of long-term meteorological research of the nearest meteorological stations
  • Availability of lands free of any encumbrances (no third parties are granted any lease or property rights to the land)
  • Availability of lands free of any agricultural or any other business use
  • Local authorities' consent to preliminary location of the Project on the land plot following the results of potential land plots analysis
  • Availability of sufficient space for a large wind fleet
  • No perspective (investment) plans on the plot use by third parties
  • Logistic accessibility (asphalt roads, sea ports, customs terminals are located nearby)
  • At least 40 km distance to the airports
  • Possibility of connection to 110 kV and 35 kV power substation located at the distance no more than 10 km
  • Actual and prospective energy deficiency analysis
  • The plot is not an express source of historical and cultural values or minimum location of archaeological sites will not have a considerable impact on the Project implementation
  • The plot is not a natural monument or a specially protected natural area.

Total capacity of investigated sites is about 200 MW, with unit capacity from 15 to 60 MW.